5 Immediate Home Remedies For Asthma Attack

5 Immediate Home Remedies For Asthma Attack

There can be situations wherein Asthma can be life-threatening, and immediate medications and treatments must be taken to alleviate it. Although no permanent solution exists to cure this disease completely, effective therapies help patients relieve harmful medical conditions. Medical experts across the globe are still in the research phase to find the appropriate treatment and yet to discover the one that works as a permanent cure. Assuming medical science has advanced a lot in this 21st century, a miracle may happen in this regard. Knowing that it causes a bit of trouble for mankind, what are its temporary relief or the home remedies that can keep you going in this hectic lifestyle?

Let us look into the top ones which helps you in certain critical situations.

Slow Breathing Exercises

We may have heard from our ancestors about the importance of controlling the breath and how effectively it helps at some point in life. People who have Asthma should make slow, deep breathing exercises a routine daily. It may change your breathing style incredibly, and keep going. It mainly aids in relaxing the airways and reduces constriction. There is a simple exercise: Slowly inhale from the nose for two or three counts and exhale through the lips for four counts. By practicing regularly, there can be better airflow and help control bigger, shallow breathing that makes the condition worsen.

Consume Caffeinated Tea

The caffeine content in coffee is another way to bring Asthma under control, and it can act as a natural bronchodilator that helps the sufferer open up the airways and lower symptoms during Asthma. Theophylline, a mix involved in caffeine, has similarities to some of the medications that play a crucial role in relaxing the muscles around the airways. However, this remedy shouldn't be used by people sensitive to caffeine and heart patients. For more knowledge, it is better to have a word with medical practitioners and get a confirmation.

Honey Ginger Mix

In general, honey and ginger have antioxidant properties, which are suitable for health; they can also be used as a remedy for Ashthma-related ailments. It helps to open up the airways and make the breathing process easier. Here is the recipe: Add one tablespoon of honey with grated ginger twice a day, which helps the breathing better. We have heard that honey mainly has soothing effects on the throat, and people also consume it when they suffer from a cough. However, for results, it is essential to have organic honey, which may be a bit expensive and serve the purpose.

Massage with Mustard oil

How does It work? Take the warm mustard oil and massage on the chest and back, which gives relief and is a valuable remedy during an asthma attack. Like the other home remedies mentioned above, massaging with mustard oil will help open the air passages and lower chest congestion. While the massaging is being performed, it should be done in circular motion for better results.

Things To Avoid

The first and foremost thing is to keep your house neat and clean to reduce dust and mold. Do not open any windows; ensure it is closed if the air quality is poor. About smoking, stop forever; otherwise, it will invite you to risk. Stay away from the stove or fireplace, which gives an uncomfortable feel. If a pet is at home, ensure the bathing is done weekly and keep them out of the bedroom.

In a nutshell, remedies will help to a certain extent and might avoid hospital visits in some cases. Taking all the home remedies in a single day is better as it might deliver more significant results, and Asthma can be controlled. But even after taking all the home remedies and not getting much relief, go for a consultation, take the advice, and strictly follow the medications. I hope medical science will make a discovery with a permanent solution for Asthama and save patients' lives.