5 Best File Sharing Apps to Keep your Business Organized

Business enterprises are always keen on the amount of file sharing and storage. Short-term and long-term projects, daily task sheets, metric charts, data of clients, customers, employees, investors, prospects, proposals, partners, etc. It is essential to a firm to have an excellent organized file sharing and storage prospect. Right now, association in the office is perhaps more significant than always. Squads nowadays want collective file-sharing that boosts folks to labor organized and interconnect. If there is no such organized prospect for the data, then the file-sharing will fall into chaos. Pretty than coming up for file endorsement or theoretically worsening someone's period probing for a folder, allocation of documents nowadays can be way more instant and easy. So here is the checklist of the best five file sharing and storage apps to keep your business organized.


Ringcentral is a perfect tool for firms looking to store and share files without having any bounce and lag between the emails or the background running apps. This app is mainly known for its messaging and video features. RingCentral's file-sharing boosts teamwork and saves your squad's most important files limited to a lone platform. This category of association lessens confusion and makes sure that the appropriate documents are collected with accuracy.


Unique Features

  • The file-sharing feature is provided in the messaging interface. It is assembled right into the squad messaging interface.
  • It can integrate files from other platforms such as Google Drive, One Drive, DropBox, etc.…


Pricing Model

  • Essentials (message, phone): $19.99/ month
  • Standard (message, video, phone):$27.99/ month
  • Premium (message, video, phone, open API): $34.99/ month
  • Ultimate (message, video, phone, open API): $49.99/ month


Planview is tailored for portfolio management. Following the platform of the Kanban board, this is a file management solution mainly build for large-scale firms. The dais potentials a vast class sanctuary in totaling to file versioning control and returns. Planview's structure of file sharing has a strict policy in authorities of document access.

Unique Features

  • It permits direct linking of documents to activities and cards, so users can efficiently work from the project board.
  • Innovative project place comprises Ghantt charts, roadmaps, templates, time tracking options in the interface.
  • It also has mobile project management apps.


Pricing Model

  • Single User : $20/ month


Quip's solution is precisely constructed for conscious businesses and respires at Salesforce. Assumed Salesforce's boundless swing of assimilations, a platform-specific document allocation app like Quip is a supportive substitute to a peripheral document sharing key.

Collective files, combined documents, and entree history are all made into Quip's platform. These sorts are a pronounced mode for Salesforce users to enhance their core communication and collaboration.

Unique Features

  • Spreadsheet and document production is quickly accessible to the core team
  • High-speed synching of files.
  • Provides character and word count in the interface 

Pricing Model

  • Quip Starter : $10/ user/month
  • Quip Plus : $25/ user/ month
  • Salesforce Anywhere Advanced/ $100/user month


The Box is distinguished for its provision of 120+ doc categories and the capability to entrench or share documents from Box straight to the website or blog. The podium also offers squads some additional tractability regarding authorizations and methods for the management of records.

Dissimilar, specific folder sharing software that limits admittance created on the maker of a document, Box consents users to set exclusive actions and authorizations that make logic for the user's company. The Box is vital for more prominent players and circumstances where users want to limit contact to subtle or essential files.

Unique Features

  • Box provides seamless collaboration with teamwork.
  • Producing better workflow automation with effortless offline synching. 
  • Includes integration with other applications
  • The document sharing interface is comparatively easy.
  • It offers better privacy and compliance services.

Pricing Model

  • Business : INR 1160/ 3-user/ month
  • Business Plus : INR 1980/ 3-user/ month
  • Enterprise : INR 2730/ 3-user/ month
  • Enterprise Plus: Custom


Egnyte online document sharing syndicates the effortlessness of usage and gives both teams and associates want beside with the security, prominence, and regulator IT needs. Egnyte operates to backup all classes of business documents. With Egnyte, users can backup email files, documents, spreadsheets, MP3s, as per the requirement. If something ever occurs, refurbishment is as artless as short mouse clicks. This software delivers a non-intrusive backup structure to the organization.

Unique Features

  • Provides permissions for modifying or deny at any level of the folder hierarchy
  • Users can access files without using local hard drives
  • Contents are accessible from anywhere if the files are synched in the user's on-premises storage. 
  • Using Activity Stream, users can track the updates of content.
  • Users can access files, upload pictures, edit files from a mobile device.

Pricing Model

  • Business : $20/ user/ month
  • Enterprise Lite: Custom
  • Enterprise: Custom